Party Skele-Mingo Kit


Party-Skel-A-Mingo (HF993) For All Occasions: Halloween, Over-The-Hill Parties, Special Birthdays, Block Parties, Special Occasions, Retirement Parties etc. Can be used indoors or outdoors. "Perfect for the party...then in the yard for the rememberance!"


1-Pair of Bone-Colored Flamingos
R.I.P. Coffin
4 - Bone-Colored Metal Stakes
1-Parchment Testimonial page that can be personalized for any occasion
BONUS! Receive 12 Flamingo Swizzle Sticks with your Purchase of the Party-Skel-A-Mingo! With each package of Flamingo Swizzle Sticks, you get 4 Bone, 4 Pink and 4 Black.
Each pair comes with 1 short neck flamingo and 1 long neck flamingo.  They stand approximately 34" high. From the base of the neck to the tail is 12".  The long neck is about 11" and the short neck is about 9".  The body is about 5" tall.  Made in the U.S.A. of HDPE plastic - very nice quality! Please Note:  When you enter the quantity, you are ordering that many PAIRS of flamingos.  eg:  A quantity of 18 = 36 flamingos.


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