Photos From You (Our Valued Customers!)

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These photos have been sent to us by our valued customers. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

Please send us your photos and we'll be happy to display them!



 Kendra from NY was so excited with the flamingos her dad sent her!

  fred1.jpgThe next two photos were sent to us from First Sargeant Lorie Greco, who wanted a "little piece of home" while stationed in Iraq. Lorie was in charge of the only veterinarian unit in the country. The picture below is Lorie (holding T-shirt) with her platoon following a ten-mile run in Baghdad. At left is a picture is of "Fred" (her name for our seasonal flamingo) is perched outside her "hooch." fred10milerBaghdad.jpg

Happy Easter 2010 from Owensboro, KY!  Janice C. and her family had tons of fun with their "Flamingo Egg Hunt."







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